Meet City of Kenai City Manager

As the City’s Administrator, the City Manager is charged with the administration of the operations of the City. The City Manager is responsible for preparation and submittal of the annual budget to the City Council, in addition to keeping the Council informed on fiscal matters and future needs of the City. The City’s Economic …

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City of Kenai Eagle Cam

(Screen capture courtesy of Jamie Heinz/City of Kenai)


Check out the City of Kenai Eagle Cam.

Clarion article


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FY 2018 Budget

Its that time of the year for the borough and cities to adopt the 2018 budget, to go into effect July 1st.

Mayor’s proposed budget

Peninsula Borough’s budget presentation

City of Kenai

FY 2018 Draft budget

FY 2018 Budget …

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Peninsula Town Crier supports conversation and discussion of important issues and ideas. As such, we welcome comments on our blogs from readers who wish to contribute their own thoughts on the topic at hand.

In order to make this a useful and productive conversation, we ask that all comments adhere to the following …

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